My10X: a better
retirement in your hands

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With My10X, you know where you are

See everything you need to know about your investments, without any smoke and mirrors.

  • See what your investments are worth, any time
  • Check your transactions and download statements
  • Easily update beneficiaries, contact details and other info

What's your number?

With My10X, you know where you’re going

We calculate a goal for you so that you know what you’re aiming for, and can work concretely towards it.

  • Find out how much you’ll need to live on each month when you retire
  • Know how much money you’ll need to have saved
  • See if you’re on track to achieve it

What's your plan?

With My10X, you know how to get there

Once you know what your goal is, you can plan how you’re going to achieve it and take simple steps to get closer.

  • Make a realistic retirement plan
  • See if you’re saving enough
  • Find ways to save more, increase monthly contributions and top up your savings any time
A better retirement is in your hands

Set yourself up for a comfortable retirement in two easy steps

1: Invest your money
the right way

Here, 10X has you covered: your money is invested in a high-growth low-cost index fund that will reliably get you more money over your investing lifetime. Not with 10X? Let’s change that.

2: Invest enough money
for enough time

While this is ultimately up to you, we want to help. And we designed My10X to do just that. If you are an existing 10X investor, log in now.


Introduce people to 10X and help them retire better

Most people pay high industry fees and are going to suffer for it in retirement. You can lend a hand by introducing them to 10X. We’ll thank you by giving you Takealot vouchers, and if 3 people you introduce become clients, you’ll get 6 months of no fees.* The person you introduce will also get a voucher, and if they become a 10X client, their first 6 months are free, too.*

*Terms and conditions apply
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Your questions, answered

How do I log in
to My10X?

Go to and enter your ID number in the blank field. You will then be sent a one-time-PIN (OTP) to the mobile number that you signed up for 10X with. Enter the 5-digit PIN and you will be logged in.

What devices can
I use to access My 10X?

My10X is an online application which can be accessed from any internet browser. It was designed to ensure you have a seamless experience on all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well as any desktop computer.

What do I do if I need help?

Our consultants are available to lend a hand when you need it. You can easily reach us by clicking on “Help and Support” in the menu. Alternatively feel free to email or phone 021 412 1010.