to a 10X
Preservation Fund

No drama. Just results.

to a 10X
Preservation Fund

No drama. Just results.

to a 10X
Preservation Fund

No drama. Just results.
Why preserving is good

Your retirement savings can keep on growing - tax-free!

You’ll get a tax-free lump sum when you retire

Why preserving with 10x is better

A proven track record of superior returns

Our fees are always less than 1% excl. VAT

A highly diversified portfolio

Clear and transparent reporting

The 10X Preservation Fund

Cashing in isn’t king

Changing jobs? Cashing in your pension even once can set you back years. So if you preserve your retirement savings, you’re making a smart decision. And if you preserve with 10X, that decision will be rewarded. Our low fees and superior returns can get you up to 60% more money at retirement.

Use the calculator below to see how much more your retirement savings could be worth if you invest with 10X compared with the industry.

How will preserving maximise your savings?

See how much more you can get by investing with 10X.

I am years old and have retirement savings of that I would like to invest.

Investment value at retirement

Low Fees

High fees can cost you 40% of your retirement

We charge you less than 1% in total fees excl. VAT and trading costs. The industry average is 3%. Paying that higher fee, compounded over time, means you could end up with 40% less money at retirement.

Investment Value 10X fee pa (excl. VAT)
First R500 000 0.90%
Next R500 000 0.80%
Next R4 million 0.70%
Next R5 million 0.50%
Next R10 million 0.35%

We can compare the fees you'd pay or are paying with the industry against what you'd pay with 10X, and project what you'll get out in both cases.

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*Alexander Forbes Global Manager Watch Best Investment View, December 2020

Our Performance

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Superior Returns

Getting you more out of every rand

Our approach delivers superior long-term returns at a fraction of the cost. In fact, since its inception in 2008, the 10X Your Future portfolio has outperformed the average return of large fund managers.*

Our Performance

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Here’s how 10X gets you more money

No matter who you are or how much money you invest with us, we use one, simple investment strategy. No confusing choices, no extra costs. Just four core principles proven to get you more:


Low fees

Fees are the single most reliable predictor of your investment’s performance. Ours are less than half the industry average.

Index tracking

Trying to pick winning stocks usually fails. By tracking an index, we deliver higher returns than most fund managers.

A diversified portfolio

We invest your money locally and internationally, in a high performing mix of shares, property, bonds and cash.

Life stage investing

We automatically adjust your portfolio according to your investing time horizon, maximising growth and minimising risk.

10X Investments manages over R15bn in assets for industry-leading clients

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Investment Myth

Costs don’t matter.

Bust the myth

Your Preservation Fund questions, answered.

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When can you access your preservation fund?

You can make one partial (or full) cash withdrawal at any time before you retire. On retirement from...

How do you join a 10X Preservation Fund?

When you withdraw from your current retirement fund (either a company fund or another preservation f...

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